Reiki Seichem Master ,angelic reiki healer,massage therapist,group facilitator and white witch. 



The consciousness of humanity is rising.I am a leader of this conciousness shift!

Embracing your spiritual self requires courage, honesty ,discipline and a good sense of humour at times !

I work with several crystal skulls which channel light.In my reiki healing and teaching sessions i use these as well as incorporating sound and coaching to help you breakthrough your fears and open to your light and potential. 

So if you feel a connection with me and you wish to work with me or even wish to connect as a friend then get in touch.I facilitate group meditations and reiki healing shares too .

Hugs ,namaste John x


View from the top of Pen-y-fan in the Breacon beacons.Inspiringly beautiful!


 Just for the five reiki principles:

I am aware of my fears and worries and heal them.

I am aware of my anger and heal the cause of it.

I earn my living honestly with integrity, i put love into my work.

I live the attitude of gratitude for everything in my life.

I respect my parents and teachers.